Certified Organic Cereal Grass Juice Powders

We use four organic cereal grasses:

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Juice Powders are concentrates of grass powders and much easier to digest. Cereal grasses are known for their general, broad-range nutrition, and peptide growth factors. Both animals and humans fed cereal grasses grow faster, larger and stronger, with a more robust immune system. Cereal grasses originally came to fame in our industry when Ann Wigmore claimed to cure cancer patients by placing them on a fresh food diet heavy with wheat grass juice. Certainly, the high chlorophyll content of the grasses helps heal and purify the intestinal tract while other components serve as prebiotics, while the legion of proteins and peptides now identified in cereal grasses trigger and stimulate the immune system. The identity of the growth factor or factors remains elusive, however, even after more than 60 years of searching. It may never actually be found, for the healthy growth of young animals could very likely be the result of each cell simply receiving adequate nutrition, allowing it to run at peak efficiency. The end result would be maximized growth.

The differences in nutrient content among cereal grasses is considered insignificant before the plants grow to the stage of jointing, the point of peak nutrient content and the moment of harvest. After jointing, nutrient levels drop and begin to differentiate themselves among the various plants. Still, in order to take advantage of the minute fluctuations among the plants, we chose to use four different cereal grasses.


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